Saturday, 15 September 2012

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Unwanted Facial Hairs

Most of the ladies face unwanted hair problems. Some ladies have lots of hair on her face. Not only face, it is in  hand, leg, chin and neck. There are many ways to get rid of unwanted facial hair problems.

 Many solutions are available in the markets. Many of them cannot afford to the hair removal solution or the solutions are not satisfied to some of them. And some ladies face irritation, redness on the face, and so on. There are many solutions to remove unwanted hair at natural ways.

  • Take dry and whole virali manjal (in Tamil, Curcumin in English),Kuppaimeni leaves(in Tamil, Acalphya indica (botanical name) ) and  Tender Neem leaves(azadirachta indica). Neem is the most effective in fighting viruses also. Grind them well. Apply on the skin to remove unwanted hairs at night. Peel the dried turmeric mixture from your skin at morning. It works well when try regularly. It is the wonderful medicine to remove unwanted hairs permanently at home.

  • Grind raw papaya and turmeric into paste. Apply on the unwanted hair skin. It removes unwanted hairs. Try it weekly once to see the changes permanently.

  • Mix kasturi turmeric powder and milk cream into paste and apply on the face. It will hide the hair on the face and will give very smoothness.

  • Take Green moong dal skin powder, cow milk and some drops of lime juice. Mix well them and apply. It also works well to remove thin facial hair.

  • Mix original turmeric powder and water into paste. Apply on the face at night. Wash off them with warm water at morning. It hides the hairs on the face.

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