Friday, 22 June 2012

How to Treat Dark Circles Under Eyes?

Eyes are main things for physical attraction. They also express a lot about a person. Dark circles are a common non-hormonal skin problem.

Stasis of blood circulation around eyes being reflected as dark, brown or blue circle. Eye strain, lack of sleep and allergies causes dark circles around eyes.

Treatment for dark circles:

  • First step to treat dark circles is to get plenty of sleep eight hours per day.
  • Eat healthy fruits and vegetables. Lack of Vitamin K and Antioxidants may cause eye circle. 
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • If you are using computer for long hours take a break for five minutes in every hour.

Natural Remedies for dark circles:

  • Potato is a good remedy for dark circles. Put Shredded raw potato on closed eyes and wait for 5 mins. It gives refresh feel on your eyes and also remove dark circle when using regularly.
  • Put thick slice of cucumber on your eyes. That gives refresh the appearance of skin around the eyes.
  • Message with olive oil on your eyes weekly once. It can help improve the blood circulation around eyes and relieve from dark circles.
  • Skins under eyes are most delicate skin on your body. Try to avoid contact with dry packs, scrubs on the skin around eyes.

Cosmetic Solution:

  • Apply an eye cream that contains vitamin K every night. It gives greatest effect of removing dark circle for long term daily use. 

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