Thursday, 14 June 2012

How To Maintain Your Lips Beauty?

Lips have very soft skin and It is necessary to keep your lips soft for attractive smile.

If your lips are dry or dark give only five minutes to your lips to retain the softness.

Some useful tips for soft lips:
  • Keep moisture your lips using good lip palm especially in winter season.
  • Lips are also a temperature sensitive like teeth. Too hot liquids like tea, coffee darken your lips. Avoid them with too hot.
  • Buy good branded lipstick. Cleanse your lips using cream based moisturised before sleep when using lipstick.
  • Keep your lips clean always. Wipe your lips after eating and drinking.
  • Take food on time. If we do not take food on time properly it may darken.
  • Quit smoking. Smoking darkens your lips.

If you have dark lips already try this simple remedy to keep your lips red and soft.

Add pinch of saffron into small amount of warm milk. After the saffron diluted fully then wait to cool it. After then apply it your lips. Wait for ten minutes and wash it in water. It will remove the lips darkness and make them in red and soft.

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