Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Beauty In Sixties With Pineapple

There is lot of benefits in Pineapple. It shows scary skin and rough leaves. But it has filled of vitamin C and it gives more beauty benefits.

Let we see the benefits of pineapple.
  • Mix equal quantity of nutmeg powder, nutgall powder with pineapple juice into paste. Apply on your face and rinse off. Watch your face shining.
  • Take the gel from Aloe vera. Add them with two teaspoon of pineapple juice into paste form. Apply it on your face and rinse off. Pimples, blackheads on your face will disappear when using this paste regularly.
  • Face wrinkle starts by aging. It will stop by using pineapple. Mix two teaspoon coconut milk and one teaspoon pineapple juice. If apply the juices on your face once in every two days enjoy the young in sixties.
  • Neck wrinkles form as a result of aging. Pineapple has great content to remove the neck wrinkles. Grind two pieces of pineapple, one egg white and one teaspoon honey into paste. Apply on your neck from top to bottom. Leave it to dry for ten to fifteen minutes. After that rinse off and pat dry.
  • Mix one teaspoon pineapple juice with one teaspoon gram flour into paste. Apply it on your face and allow it to dry for five minutes. Then rinse off. It will control excess oil on your face and give shining.
  • Pineapple is a good hair conditioner. Take half cup grated coconut, two teaspoon fenugreek seed powder and two teaspoon of pineapple juices. Make them into paste. Apply the paste on your head before bath. It gives hair shining and hair growth.

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