Friday, 10 February 2012

All About Facial Procedure

Facial is a great procedure to take care of your skin. It is the external way of giving vitamins, minerals to your face and neck skin. This procedure is usually done in a parlor.

Facial is the method of skin treatment that involves many processes including cleansing, steam, facial masks, creams, peels and massages. They are usually categorized by mini facial, lightening facial, European facial and also.

The first step of facial is cleansing. Cleanser is used for cleansing the skin to remove dead skin cells, oil and dirt. This helps to clear the skin pores. Different types of cleansers are used for different type of skin. Dry skin may require much less cleanser power rather than oily skin.

Steam can be done to open skin pores for deep cleansing the skin.

Facial Masks:
Facial mask is a watery paste that is applied on skin after the cleansing procedure. It generally contains vitamins, minerals, essential oils. It may contain some fruit extracts. There are varieties of facial masks for different purposes such as brightening, curing pigmentations, deep cleansing and etc.

Facial masks are also varied for skin types, wearing time. Wearing time of mask is varying from few minutes to overnight depend upon types of mask and skin types. Sensitive skins are advised for first test out the paste on a small portion of the skin before taking any treatment on skin to check for any irritation, redness and hardness.

 Massages are main treatment in the facial procedure. It gives many benefits to the skin together with the beauty product. It gives mind relaxation, eyes and faces muscles relaxation and improves skin tone. It also done for reducing the wrinkle from eye and face include using anti wrinkle creams.

Facial procedure is ended with removing products from your face and neck. It is also done by using slightly cold water. Cold water close the skin pores that is opened by the facial procedures.

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