Monday, 31 October 2011

Do You Know About Minoxidil?

  Minoxidil is a medication which is widely used for hair fall solution. Minoxidil is the widening blood vessels medications which also slows or stop the hair falls and promotes hair re-growth. Minoxidil is now marketed under many trade names includes Mintop, Rogaine, Morr , Loniten and so on. Most of the hair fall therapy available on the market contains minoxidil content.

  Minoxidil was first used to treat high blood pressure. However it was discovered that have interesting side effects. Minoxidil may cause increased hair growth or thickening hair.

  Minoxidil is a liquid format to treat hair fall. Percentage value of minoxidil is varying which may increase to cure baldness also. Concentration of minoxidil solution is scaled from 2% to 5%. Some of them contain alcohol contents. Hair loss and baldness treatment usually include 2% concentration solutions that are designed for women and 5% concentration solution is designed for men.

  Small quantity of this liquid needs to be applied on the hair fall area once or the recommended twice daily. It must be used daily for continued support of existing hair follicle and the maintenance of hair re-growth. When this medication discontinued, hair fall will return within one or two months.

  Common side effects of minoxidil include itching, redness or irritations at the applied area, Irritation of the eyes, unwanted hair growth elsewhere on the body.

  Hair fall solution content minoxidil with alcohol may dry scalp. It may cause dandruff.